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Flu Vaccine Update
The easiest way to protect "YOU and your family" from Influenza Flu is to get vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that everyone six months or older be vaccinated against the flu.
Here is a list of our Flu Clinic dates and times.
October 4th - 9AM - 11AM or 2PM - 4 PM
October 11th - 9AM - 11AM or 2PM - 4 PM
October 18th - 9AM - 11AM or 2PM - 4 PM
October 25th - 9AM - 11AM or 2PM - 4 PM
November 1st - 9AM - 11AM or 2PM - 4 PM
October 7th - 8:30AM - 12PM
October 14th - 8:30AM - 12PM
October 21st - 8:30AM - 12PM
October 28th - 8:30AM - 12PM

The Physicians of Internal Medicine Associates of Westport
Welcome Kevin R. McDonald, PA-C, Mario Pinto, DO, Jaime Roszkowski, MD
Drs. Denowitz, Karol, Teltser and Baum left IMAW in mid-July to form an exclusively "concierge" practice. We have hired two additional physicians, Dr. Mario Pinto and Dr. Jaime Roszkowski and Kevin R. McDonald, PA-C.
Please read the Bio of the new doctors added to the practice:
  • Mario Pinto
  • Jaime Roszkowski

    The Physicians of Internal Medicine Associates of Westport
    New Office
    To our patients:
    We are proud to announce that we have moved to our brand new office complex. Visit us at our new location, at 333 Post Road West, Westport, CT.
    The Physicians of Internal Medicine Associates of Westport
    Termination of inpatient hospital care
    To Our Patients:
    We are writing to let you know about a few significant changes that are taking place in our practice. We believe these changes will ultimately enhance the services we provide and improve your access to timely medical care.
    As you are aware, the practice of medicine has been changing throughout the United States. Technological advances have accelerated at a breathtaking pace. As a result, the specialty of Internal Medicine has split into two sectors of care: "outpatient" and "inpatient". Historically, IMAW has taken care of patients in both sectors - we would see you in the office and then follow you in the hospital. This has changed.
    Instead, an extremely well-qualified group of hospital-based Internal Medicine physicians (known as "hospitalists") will take care of our patients while they are admitted to Norwalk Hospital. We believe this change will benefit our patients' care because the hospitalists work full-time at the hospital and possess specific expertise with the ever-changing technology of hospital medicine. We think that using hospitalists will both improve and shorten any hospital stay you may have. We will speak regularly to your hospital physicians during your inpatient stay, and will have all the information we need to resume your medical care after your discharge. Our practice has actually already been using this system for Dr. Denowitz's and Dr. Karol's patients for the past 7 years and patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
    Since we will no longer be going to the hospital, as of January 2, 2007 we have increased the number of routine physical exams we do every day, and we anticipate that this will reduce waiting-time for these appointments.
    We thank you for your understanding during this time of change. We believe the end results will benefit you with increased accessibility in our office, and more expeditious hospital care.
    The Physicians of Internal Medicine Associates of Westport
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